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Datasheet: MAX-3D - True 3-D Layout Editor

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  • True 3-Dimensional Layout
  • Fastest Layout Editor Available
  • Easy to Use
  • Integrated Calibre ® Interface

The World's First True 3-D Layout Editor

MAX-3D is the only true 3D layout editor, handling multiple technologies with true Through-Via capability.

MAX-3D can handle your largest multi-wafer IC designs -- in the trillions of devices. Even the largest designs redraw in real time.

Enabling 'Through-Silicon Via Wafer Stack' Technology

Through-Si Via Wafer Stacking is a technology allowing faster interconnects between discrete wafers. This is accomplished by connecting wafers of varying technologies together with vias through the wafers yielding a single 3-D stacked chip. For example, a Microprocessor in 32 nm technology can be combined with a Memory in 65 nm technology and an Analog device in 180 nm technology without writing a new tech file! (see diagram).

With MAX-3D, levels can be edited separately, or concurrently - without writing a new tech file. Tech files for each wafer level are maintained individually, and you can edit technologies for different wafer levels in the same view.

MAX-3D has the capacity and speed to handle these large and complex designs. It also provides connectivity tracing, database management, and all its layout editor features through the design.



Thru-Si Via Wafer Stack

Figure 1.
Illustration of Three Different Technologies in Three Different Layers, Joined with Through-Silicon Vias and Bonding Layers.

Screenshot of MAX 3D

Figure 2 .
Actual Screenshot of MAX-3D Layout Editor -- True Through-Silicon Via Layout and Editing Using Multiple Technologies at the Same Time..


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MAX-3D Features

  • Fastest and most powerful layout editor.
  • Easy to use.
  • Interactive connectivity tracing through all layers and levels (wafers).
  • Fully heirarchial viewing and editing.
  • Continuous DRC with real-time feedback
  • Direct interface to Calibre® and Calibre® RVE.
  • Automatic Connectivity Tracing.
  • True transparent layers via OpenGL.
  • Optimized for large databases.
  • Generators for automated layout structures.
  • Full customization and extensions via Tcl/Tk and a full API.
  • Supports industry standard file formats.
  • Runs multiple technology files concurrently.
  • Technology independent.
  • Smart palette for easy control and feedback on layers and levels (wafers).
  • All angle capability.
  • Rotational 3D viewing (including Z-axis coordinates).
  • Complete on-line documentation and tutorial.
  • Available on LINUX and SOLARIS platforms.

  MAX-View   MAX   MAX-LS MAX-3D
50X Faster
Full Documentation
Linux & Solaris
Select Net Connectivity
Representational 3D Display
GDSII   1   2   2  2
Wire Mode with Automatic Via Insertion  
Bus Routing  
Wire Stretch  
ASCII Database  
Tck/Tk API  
Interactive DRC  
All-Angle Editing  
Schematic-Driven Layout      
3-D Editing      
Concurrent Multiple
Tech Files
1 Read Only
2 Read/Write


Micro Magic, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA


  View HTML Datasheets for  DPC  SUE  MAX  MAX-LS  MAX-View  MCC
  View   PDF  Datasheets for  DPC  SUE  MAX  MAX-LS  MAX-View  MCC (requires Acrobat Viewer)

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