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News Articles
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White Papers and
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Micro Magic's
University Program

Micro Magic Announces Free OpenAccess Viewer: MAX-View
MAX-View views chip designs in GDS and OpenAccess formats

-- Press Release

Micro Magic Announces Support for OpenAccess and IPL Standards
MAX -- World's fastest layout editor -- now with OA and IPL support

-- Press Release

Micro Magic Announces MAX-3D - The World's First True 3D Layout Editor.
Through-Silicon Via Wafer Stacking promises faster and denser circuits.

-- Press Release

Micro Magic Introduces the World's Fastest Layout Viewer - MAX-View - and it's Free until DAC 2008.
Retail price of $6,000 per year waived.
$2,000 Calibre® interface option also included for free.

-- Press Release

Micro Magic's MAX LAYOUT EDITOR Will Demonstrate Realtime Redisplay of a One Trillion Transistor Chip at 43rd DAC
World's Largest Layout Showcases EDA Tool's Capabilities

-- Press Release

Reborn Micro Magic offers EDA,
Design Services

by Richard Goering -- EE Times

Micro Magic Reemerges
By Michael Santarini, EDN -- Electronic News

Micro Magic Back in Business with Revised Suite of Tools
Original Team Has Re-Formed the Company and is Offering Radically Enhanced Software for the Design of SoCs

-- Press Release

Schematic-Driven IC Layout Editor Accelerates SoC Design
-- Electronic Design

Trimming a Third off I/O Power Use
-- Electronics Times

Openness among EDA vendors will aid growth
Mark Santoro -- EE Times

High-End Services Firm Taps I/O
Gale Morrison -- Electronic News

Design Boutique Helps Malleable
Gale Morrison -- Electronic News

ASICs Join Full-Custom Flow
Hybrid Approach Brings 300% Performance Gains

Richard C Smith-- EE Times

IC-CAD tools to show dazzling advances
Richard Goering -- EE Times

CAD Veteran Richard Smith joins
Micro Magic, Inc. as Senior Technical Advisor

Press Release

New MAX-LS from Micro Magic, Inc. Dramatically Accelerates SoC Design
Schematic-Driven Layout System Is the Fastest Available for Any Size IC Design
Press Release

Design Methodology for Quickly and Accurately Generating SRAMs
Tavrow, Johnson, Santoro
-- as published in EE Times

Micro Magic Shipping Chip Layout Software
-- Electronic News

Micro Magic, Inc. Announces Major Sale of EDA Software to SiByte, Inc.
SiByte standardizes on MMI Software and Methodology for Low-power, High-speed IC Design
Press Release

Discovering a Reluctant New
EDA Tool Vendor
Jonah McLeod -- ISD Magazine


Quarterly Technical Report project:
High Speed CMOS Analog-to-Digital Circuit for Radio Frequency Signal

Kyusun Choi

Design Considerations for Databus Charge Recovery
Bishop, Lyuboslavsky, Vijaykrishnan, Irwin
-- Designed using Micro Magic tools

Institute of Micro Electronics
- Research activities
-- including Micro Magic tools

Design Methodology for Quickly and Accurately Generating SRAMs
- Original Paper
Tavrow, Johnson, Santoro

Fast Iteration: A Performance Design Requirement
Richard Smith

Impact of process scaling on the efficacy of leakage reduction schemes
Tsai, Duarte, Vijaykrishnan, Irwin
-- Intel Corporation

Challenges and Methodologies for Implementing High-Performance Network Processors
Bhamidipati, Zaidi, Makineni, Low, Chen, Liu, Dahlgren
-- Intel Corporation,
       Intel Technical Journal

Micro Magic University IC Design Program Serves Leading Schools Worldwide
Including U.C. Berkley, Stanford, University of Adelaide, and Penn State

Penn State Graduate Degree Programs Bulletin - Research Facilities
features Micro Magic EDA tools



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