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Micro Magic, Inc. advanced IC Design Solutions
- Producing Full Custom Performance with ASIC Effort.


Micro Magic Design Services

Remember when the only design approach was "full custom" -- where everything was a manual task and took a long time? By the late 70's most IC companies and EDA vendors had come to realize that design time was the limiting factor in the growth of the IC industry, not process technology.

Micro Magic, Inc. provides integrated circuit design services, as well as tools, for high-speed digital systems including processors, memory sub-systems, and complete IC designs. These services include architecture through circuit design and layout, consultation, and methodology review and development.

Take advantage of Micro Magic's "plug and play" solution, where you use our experts - using the proven tools they developed - and an existing design or new idea. We'll take it from there, instantly removing all of the obstacles that are getting in the way of getting to market.

You won't need to research tools or integrate them into a design flow; you won't need to put together a design team. You'll be out the door with a design flow that is scalable and transferable, with the confidence that your product will work the first time!

Our engineering services can provide complete chip designs,  high performance processor cores, datapaths,  memories, and cell libraries.

Check out our new
"Gate Optimizer"
"Short Finder"

MMI's New Gate Optimizer Service

Give us your design data -- We'll give you a better design


Gate Optimizer Service

Our Gate Optimizer Service will improve performance and decrease power consumption of your digital circuit.

MMI has magic new software that walks through your P&R block, upsizing gates where needed to increase performance while it simultaneously decreases gate sizes whenever it can to save power.

There is also an option of decreasing power only which will not require any changes to your DEF placement file.

Nothing to Buy
Itís a service.
No tools to buy.
Our engineers do the work.

You supply the design data (Verilog, DSPF/SPEF, .LIB files) and we'll return an improved design quickly, at a very reasonable cost.
You only pay if we can improve your design.

It's Better, or It's Free

You only pay if we can improve your design.

-- Risk Free! -- You Only Pay for Success

* Faster and/or Lower Power

There are two options with this service:

  • a Faster/Lower Power outcome - with resized Verilog; or

  • a Lower Power Only option with no change to the DEF file.

Short Finder Service

We'll find your Vdd/GND short!
MMI engineers using MAX crawl thru all layers of your design and search all nets for shorts -- in just minutes.


We challenge anyone, anywhere to design a faster chip faster than we can, without using our services or our tools.

Look at some of our successes:

  • Ternary CAM with Embedded Processor
  • Network Processor
  • VoIP Processor

  • Embedded High Speed SRAM
  • Custom Register File
  • Low Power Memory
  • 26-Million-Transistor Processor
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