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Developed in partnership with Qualcomm
with special thanks to Riko Radojcic
Examples of 3D Path Finder capabilities
Pathfinder Simulation results for two selected nets. Two 3D nets selected in 3D design.


Pathfinder Easily generate complex PDNs. Easily generate complex busses


  • Import Verilog or 2D floorplan
  • Specify/modify 3D floorplan
  • View 3D connections via fly-lines or actual routes
  • Quickly route complex 3D busses
  • Extract and simulate specified 3D nets
  • Powerful PDN (power distribution network) generation

MAX-3D TSV Placer
3D View of 3 stacked die before TSV Placer
Pathfinder Three stacked die with connectivity displayed as flylines.
3D View of 3 stacked die before TSV Placer
Pathfinder After TSV Placer: TSVs placed and connections made..


  • Automatically finds "holes" for TSVs
  • Automatically optimizes and places TSVs
  • Shows 3D connectivity with flylines
  • Exports TSV data back into your 2D tools

Micro Magic, Inc.
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MAX 3D Design Suite><span class=

MAX-View Layout Viewer

Built on MAX-3D, Micro Magicís native 3D Layout Editor


The MAX-3D-Design Suite contains
everything necessary to plan and lay
out today’s complex wafer-stack and
interposer multi-technology designs.

MMI’s suite of 3D tools includes
MAX-3D TSV Placer, and
MAX-3D Path Finder.

  • Load multiple chips in the same
    or different technologies
  • Manage multiple levels of hierarchy
    and multiple tech files all
    at the same time
  • Edit and view today’s largest
  • Automatic Connectivity Tracing
    through multiple levels
  • Show 3D connectivity with flylines
  • Use your existing 2D Tech files
  • View Results in 3D

    DPC-SUE to import designs from either
    2D floorplanner or block-level
    verilog; specify chip level, block size,
    connectivity; and export floorplan to

    MAX-3D for true 3-dimensional layout,
    supporting multiple distinct technology
    files for Through-Si Via 3D wafer-stack
    and interposer design.

MAX-3D Path Finder to explore viability of interposer or stacked-die implementations.

MAX-3D TSV Placer for automatically locating, optimizing and placing TSVs.

Micro Magic, Inc.
Fast Silicon Fast    
   View Datasheets in PDF: DPC | MAX + MAX-LS + MAX-3D | MAX-View | MCC | SUE
View Datasheets in HTML: DPC | MAX + MAX-LS | MAX-3D | MAX-View | MCC | SUE