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We help you achieve high-speed, low-power working silicon in three ways:

  • MMI Tools

    MMI Layout Tools
    Built by designers for designers.

    MAX-3D: True 3D Layout

  • MMI Design Services
    Proven design teams

  • MMI Ready IP
    Fast SoC building blocks

Micro Magic tools provide fully integrated design flow management, graphical design entry, datapath and memory compilers, and the world's fastest SoC layout editing and viewing system with realtime DRC. If you're doing 3D design (stacked) or interposer design, the MMI MAX-3D Design Suite is the only toolset designed from bottom up to be fully 3D aware.

Synthesis/ P&R Integrates easily with your current Synthesis/P&R tools

SUE SoC Design Manager Everything needed to manage today's SoC Design Flow
SUE combines Verilog, Schematic Capture, Documentation, Timing and Simulation tools to plan and manage your SoC project.

DPC for Datapaths Faster, Smaller, Lower Power, Easier routing
Micro Magic's DPC Datapath Compiler can place, route and time 100K gates/min. DPC will analyze congestion, and generates a custom-like bit-slice placement to improve timing and routing.

Physical VerificationIntegrate seamlessly with your current Physical Verification tools.

MAX-3D Path Finder Quickly and Automatically evaluate viability of 3D
Path Finder helps determine whether 3D TSV wafer stack is the best solution for your project. Use MAX-3D Path Finder to analyze partitioning, extract and simulate 3D nets, and generally explore the viability of an interposer or stacked-die implementation.

MAX-3D Layout The tool for true 3-Dimensional Layout
Load multilple chips/wafers and maintain distinct tech files for each layer. Full-featured editing for each tech file with real-time redisplay.

MAX-3D TSV Placer Automatic TSV Location, Optimization and Placement
MAX-3D TSV Placer scans your multi-level layout for optimal legal TSV placement. You can also adjust layout and insert blocking layers to modify placements if required.

MAX-3D System The tool for chip/package co-design.
MAX-3D System enables you to view, edit and analyze multiple wafers/layers of one chip stack up thru the package and across the board to another chip stack.

Verilog & Circuit SimEasy, programmable UI integration with your Verilog/Circuit Sim tools.

An example design flow for 3D TSV. Micro Magic tools integrate seamlessly with other tools to give the best possible experience. Click or tap the tool name to view details.

MMI provides tools for all aspects of IC layout and design including specialized tools for Datapath Design, SoC Design Management and a powerful, specialized program for memories and other regular structures, MCC - Megacell Compiler.

  • Tools

    Micro Magic tools provide fully integrated design flow management, graphical design entry, datapath and memory compilers, and the world's fastest SoC layout editing and viewing system with realtime DRC.
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  • Services

    Our engineering services can provide complete chip designs, high performance processor cores, datapaths, memories, and cell libraries.

    Services include architecture through circuit design and layout, consulation, and methodology review and development. Go to services...

  • IP

    Micro Magic provides several types of IP. SRAMs, Data Path elements (adders, multipliers, etc.), and Standard Cell Libraries are just some of the IP we can provide. Go to IP...

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  • About MMI

    Incorporated in 1995, Micro Magic, Inc. is the industry leader in true 3-dimensional TSV layout tools. Click here for the full story

  • How We Work

    Engineers from Micro Magic meet with your engineers and management, to discuss the best solution to the problem or problems in the chip design. Some issues are smaller, and more easily remedied; some are larger and will require more involvement. Micro Magic's intention is to provide the most efficient solution utilizing your current design flow and our development tools. Our engineers can either do the work off-site, in house, or provide the MMI tool(s) and advice for a plug-n-play augmentation to your existing flow.

  • Points of Interest

    Trying to achieve the performance we needed from commercially-available tools just wasn't working. Over the course of several years, Micro Magic's engineers wound up writing their own tools to help get chips out. Our design services history is unmatched for making tapeout on time. Of course, our clients began to notice that MMI engineers were more efficient, more productive, and started asking about the tools. We responded by making them available to other engineers,and in 1995 the first versions of MAX and SUE were ready for the public..

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