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World’s Largest Layout Showcases EDA Tool’s Capabilities  


SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., DESIGN AUTOMATION CONFERENCE (DAC) — July 24, 2006 — Micro Magic, Inc. today announced that it will demonstrate at the 2006 DAC that its MAX layout editor is capable of redisplaying in real time an integrated circuit (IC) design with over one trillion transistors. If fabricated, this would be by far the largest chip in the world, measuring about eight inches per side in a 25nm process. Attendees can see this design “live” at the Micro Magic booth 2318. 

Despite the fact that a trillion-transistor chip cannot currently be produced, Micro Magic intends to show that the superior technology of the MAX layout editor enables engineers to not only handle the design problems of the biggest chips being produced today, but uniquely positions the software to meet the challenges of future generations of even larger chips. 

“Customers are impressed with the performance of MAX,” said Mark Santoro, Micro Magic’s CEO.  “They always want to test MAX on their biggest chip to see if it is faster than their current layout editor. Then they want to know just how big a chip MAX could handle and how fast it can perform.  We decided to end the debate and show the world what MAX can really do.”

About the MAX Layout Editor

MAX is an easy-to-use, full-featured, production-proven layout editor that works with the largest current chip designs. It provides real-time design rule checking (DRC), schematic-driven layout, and interactive cross probing between layout and schematic. MAX is over 50X faster than the leading competitor. In a recent test on a 4Gbyte GDSII file, MAX was able to redisplay the entire chip with all layers visible in significantly less than one second.

Pricing and Availability 

MAX is one component of Micro Magic’s EDA tool suite, which also includes SUE, a design environment and schematic capture tool, DPC (Datapath Compiler), a tool for optimizing high-speed datapaths, and MCC (Megacell Compiler), a specialized tool for designing memories. The entire suite of Micro Magic products is available immediately. Prices start at $30,000 per tool for an annual license. The software operates on the Linux platform. Call 408-414-7647 ext. 202 for more information, or visit

About Micro Magic, Inc.

Micro Magic, Inc., provides tools, services, and intellectual property (IP) for the design of high-speed, low-power SoCs. The company’s mission is to help designers dramatically reduce the time and cost required to produce high-performance SoC designs. Micro Magic’s advanced EDA tools are built by IC designers for IC designers. They can handle any size design, are production-proven, and are easy to learn. The company’s products have been used to design the datapaths and memory subsystems associated with all types of SoCs, including processors, DSPs, embedded controllers, multi-media, network and graphics chips. For more information about Micro Magic and its products, please visit or call 408-414-7647 ext. 202. 

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    Incorporated in 1995, Micro Magic, Inc. is the industry leader in true 3-dimensional TSV layout tools. Click here for the full story

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    Trying to achieve the performance we needed from commercially-available tools just wasn't working. Over the course of several years, Micro Magic's engineers wound up writing their own tools to help get chips out. Our design services history is unmatched for making tapeout on time. Of course, our clients began to notice that MMI engineers were more efficient, more productive, and started asking about the tools. We responded by making them available to other engineers,and in 1995 the first versions of MAX and SUE were ready for the public..

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