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MAX-3D System

Finally - Chips / Package / Board Unified

MAX-3D System is the first tool capable of loading, analyzing and editing all components of a 3D-TSV wafer stack design.

Using one environment, you can now really visualize and modify the project as an entity, without piecing aspects together from many disparate sources. Unification of the process speeds design efficiency and reduces the potential for error. The following video clips, taken real-time, show just a small portion of the capabilities of MAX-3D System.

In the video clip above, we begin with a top-down view of several chips and package layer, turning on/off the visibility of different layers. Then, you see that nets have been selected and traced from one chip up to the package layer, across the PC board, down to the second set of TSV chips.

MAX-3D System enables designers to view, analyze and edit across all parts in one tool, together, or individually. Separate technology files are maintained for each layer. Now, you are able to isolate and extract nets and study signal integrity across all components at the same time.

All MMI Layout Tools provide the three-dimensional display. This video clip demonstrates how easy it can be to select and analyze a net and the halo. You can clearly see the haloing effect displayed at the end. All operations done quickly, with the click of a menu selectio.

Below are close-up images of 3D-MAX System. In the upper image, the chip and package layers are visible.
In the lower image, several nets have been selected, showing their placement from the chip levels up through the package layer.

Close up of chips + package layer
Close up view of nets selected from chip thru package
Above, a closeer view of 3D-MAX System showing the chips and packaging layer, with TSVs being outlined in white. Below, nets selected from chips up through package layer.

MAX-3D System, together with MAX-3D TSV Placer, and MAX-3D Path Finder, offer a comprehensive means of successfully designing, testing and producing today's complex three-dimensional TSV layouts.

3D Design Suite Info sheet
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MAX-3D System

  • Chip-to-Board viewing and editing - in 3D
  • Load Chip, Package and Board together, in one tool
  • Isolate and extract nets; study signal inegrity across all components
  • View, edit and analyze chips, package and board in one environment

MAX-3D System is part of Micro Magic's 3D Design Suitetogether with MAX-3D TSV Placer and MAX-3D Path Finder

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    Incorporated in 1995, Micro Magic, Inc. is the industry leader in true 3-dimensional TSV layout tools. Click here for the full story

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    Trying to achieve the performance we needed from commercially-available tools just wasn't working. Over the course of several years, Micro Magic's engineers wound up writing their own tools to help get chips out. Our design services history is unmatched for making tapeout on time. Of course, our clients began to notice that MMI engineers were more efficient, more productive, and started asking about the tools. We responded by making them available to other engineers,and in 1995 the first versions of MAX and SUE were ready for the public..

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